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Stuart CLAYTON - PLAY BASS with leading bass educator

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Stuart CLAYTON - PLAY BASS with leading bass educator
- Méthode pour basse, en solfège et tablature, avec accords,
- Livre de 165 pages, included Free Audio backing tracks
- Editeur : Bassline Publishing
- Transcriptions : Stuart Clayton

Play Bass is a complete method book that is suitable for beginners, as well as those who wish to fill in the gaps in their knowledge (or perhaps undo some bad habits!). Based around author Stuart Clayton’s extensive experience as a teacher in one of the UK’s leading music schools, this book contains detailed instruction on fundamental playing techniques, basic music theory concepts and much more. The book contains over 130 exercises and 5 longer study pieces, all supported with full band audio and backing tracks.

The book covers the following:

  • The Anatomy of a Bass Guitar
  • Amplification
  • Sitting/Standing with the Bass
  • Tuning the Bass
  • Notes on the Fingerboard
  • Basic Music Notation
  • Using Tablature
  • Basic Fingerstyle Technique
  • Basic Plectrum Technique
  • Basic Fretting Hand Technique
  • The Raking Technique
  • The Dotted Quarter Note Rhythm
  • Octaves
  • An Alternative Way to Tune Up
  • Box Shape #1
  • Box Shape #2
  • Sixteenth Notes
  • Phrasing Techniques
  • The Triplet Rhythm
  • The 12-Bar Blues
  • The Major Scale
  • The Minor Scale
  • Arpeggios
  • Basic Ear Training
  • Study Pieces